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Parmesan and garlic roti bread, sumac yoghurt 8

Caramelized pumpkin and hummus, fried lamb, zatar, wood-grilled turkish bread 12

Creole fried oysters, gribiche, onion crumb, pickled shallot 9

Duck’a’tori, togarashi, cucumber, pickled onion 10

Beef tartare, pickle, kewpie, soy caramel, crisp shallots 18

Wood-grilled cauliflower, banbanji, pickled onions, mint, fried chickpeas 18

Grilled prawns, charred edamame, cabbage, white soy, mirin, crispy garlic 22

Hiramasa kingfish sashimi, pickled zucchini, orange, caper leaf, coconut vinaigrette 22

Wood- grilled pork belly, gochujang gastrique, kimchi romesco, bok choy, ginger 26

… something larger…

Ricotta gnocchi, smoked garlic emulsion, roasted leek, pine nuts, fried brussel sprouts 38

Market fish of the day, beans, olives, capers, almond gremolata, capsicum chips 42

Braised wagyu beef brisket, caramelized onion and white bean emulsion, asparagus, fennel 42

Whole roasted bannock farmed chicken, spiced honey glaze, corn grits, pickled rainbow chard 42

…to accompany

Roasted heirloom carrots, pickled beetroot, pepitas, goat’s cheese, spiced honey vinaigrette 12

Apple cider braised cabbage, spiced apple chutney, lentils, dill, candied walnuts 12

Roasted potatoes, twice cooked, vinegar salt 12

Seasonal greens, garlic, chilli, fried shallots 12

Corn grits, charred corn, crispy garlic 12

Cos and kimchi salad, garlic chilli vinaigrette, cured egg yolk 12

Family Style

                                      2 Courses $55pp

                                                                           lunch only

                                      4 Courses $75pp

                                                                  Paired Wines + $45